• 5 июля 2016, вторник
  • Москва, Новинский бульвар, 21, Американский культурный центр

Fund Your Postgraduate Studies with Global Education Scholarship

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1018 дней назад
5 июля 2016 c 18:30 до 20:00
Новинский бульвар, 21, Американский культурный центр

A free event for Russian graduates on study funding opportunities for those who are eager to pursue Master’s and PhD degrees at the US universities.

Does it feel like your graduation ceremony occurred longer ago, even if it just happened? Do you think you have not done as much as you could have? Do you want to be a postgraduate student of a US university again, but are not sure you can afford it?


Global Education Program is ready to help you to follow your dreams and sponsor your Master and PhD studies with up to 13,8 million Russian rubles! All you have to do is:


  • choose one of 79 US universities and one out of 5 priority areas (science, engineering, education, medicine and social sector management)*
  • get enrolled and receive an unconditional offer
  • apply for Global Education Program scholarship
  • make your dreams come true


Has not this convienced you already? Please feel free to watch our promo video then:



Still not sure if you can do it? Then the representatives of Global Education Program and EducationUSA will be glad to welcome you at the joint event at the US Embassy in Moscow on the 5th of July and provide you with all the details on the enrollment and studying process!


Do not miss this opportunity and register now — it is high time to take action and join 20 Global Education finalists at Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, South California, New York and many more universities!


The event will be conducted by Ksenia Ivanenko, Global Education Program Manager, SKOLKOVO Education Development Center (SEDeC). Ksenia is a Fulbright, IIE Post-Program Academic Training, Open World and EducationUSA Leadership Institute alumna.


The event will take place at the Moscow American Center (U.S. Embassy, Novinskiy Blvrd., 21). Entrance on the left hand side of the building, through the American Citizen Services Archway. Please inform the security guards at the entry what event you are attending. Do not forget to bring your valid ID (passport or driver's license) and please take note of the Rules of Access for entrance to the American Center: amc.ru/about-us/rules-of-access/... 


Additional information on the Program (such as educational institutions and programs eligible for funding and selection criteria) can be found at educationglobal.ru/ns/participant/e... 


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