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Study at Monash University with Global Education

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9 сентября 2016 c 9:15 до 10:45

A free webinar on studying at Monash University and study funding opportunities.

Can’t wait for September 2017 and want to start your studies in February or March? Join our "Study at Monash University with Global Education" webinar on the 9th of September!


Why Monash?


The University, named after Sir John Monash, a famous Australian who contributed to almost every level of Australian life, was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1958. In little more than 50 years Monash University has earned an enviable national and international reputation for research and teaching excellence. Taking inspiration from Sir John Monash, the university has created a world-class education  and research community, a community of progress, optimism and ambition. A community where brilliant students, researchers, ideas and solutions to some of the world’s great challenges are nurtured and thrived. 


Monash University is also a member of Australia’s Group of Eight, an alliance of elite Australian universities recognised for their excellence in teaching and research. Its eight members produce more that 70 per cent of all basic research conducted at all of Australia’s public universities. It is a testament to Monash research focus and ambition that it is the youngest member of this prestigious group, which includes some Australia’s longest-established universities.


Since its foundation, the university has embraced an unrelenting commitment to excellence — it backs this by offering the community access to world-class facilities, resources and support. As a result, its researchers have made discoveries that have had a significant impact in Australia and around the globe, achieving things that the world once didn’t think were possible. For instance, Monash research led to the world’s first laws requiring that seatbelts be installed in all new cars or demonstrated that human embryonic stem cells could generate specific types of body cells in the laboratory.


Do you want make a difference? Join our "Study at Monash University with Global Education" webinar and snatch the opportunity to talk to the representatives of the university and Global Education Program, as well as to discuss your studies with the very academics from the Faculty of Engineering at Monash!


The webinar entry link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/81...


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